Thursday, February 4, 2010

FastFormat 0.5.1 (alpha 1) released

The latest version of FastFormat, 0.5.1 (alpha 1), is released. Along with a bunch of minor changes, the main addition is the support for hex integer conversion, via to_x()/to_X(), as in:

    ff::fmtln(stm, "i={0}", ff::to_x(123456)); // i=1e240
    ff::fmtln(stm, "i={0}", ff::to_x(123456, 0, 10)); // i=000001e240

and, if you want it uppercase:

    ff::fmtln(stm, "i={0}", ff::to_X(123456)); // i=1E240
    ff::fmtln(stm, "i={0}", ff::to_X(123456, 0, 10)); // i=000001E240

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